I’m still me.

    My spirit laughs, my heart loves – my soul serves. I am growing older, but I’m still me.

    Messiah Lifeways is a non-profit organization located in Mechanicsburg, PA, that provides a network of services for adults 55 and better living in South Central PA. Our roots trace to 1896, when the Brethren in Christ Church founded Messiah Home in Harrisburg, PA to serve older adults with Christ-like love.

    From the beginning, Messiah Lifeways has been committed to changing the conversation about aging. We want to push the boundaries and resist the stereotypes. We do not fear growing older. Rather, we re-imagine the journey of aging as a time of purpose, zest, and faith-filled living.

    Today, it is our dream to inspire everyone 55 and better to live life fully. We pour our heart and soul into every interaction, every relationship, so that we can overcome the challenges and enjoy the triumphs along the journey.

    We invite anyone in the community who is 55 and better to walk with us and explore all the possibilities of Messiah Lifeways; of continuing to seek purpose and zest, and to grow as individuals. Together, we can redefine aging and what it means to grow older. Together, we can live – Life. Embraced.

    For more information about Messiah Lifeways, please call 717.790.8201 or email us at life@messiahlifeways.org.