Life Coaching

    Messiah Lifeways is pleased to announce a new service for persons 55 and better in the South Central PA area: Messiah Lifeways Coaching. A first of its kind in our region, the service helps individuals plan for their future. A Messiah Lifeways Coach will help identify and navigate services and resource options; offer guidance and solutions for caregivers; and connect individuals to enrichment, wellness, and service opportunities available through Messiah Lifeways and beyond. Messiah Lifeways Coaching is also a great resource for adult children, power of attorneys, and spouses who are seeking solutions to challenges they face as they care for loved ones. Most coaching services are free.

    Messiah Lifeways Coaching offers:

    Coach Helpline
    A complimentary information and referral service, the Messiah Lifeways Coach helpline is open weekdays 8 am – 4:30 pm. Call 717.591.7225 or email and the coach will contact you within 24 hours.

    Discovery Coaching
    Meet face-to-face with the coach for one to three sessions, free of charge, at a location
    convenient for you.

    Speakers Bureau
    The Messiah Lifeways Coach is available to speak with community groups, churches, and service organizations on a variety of topics including: Inspiring Opportunities for 55+, Fall Prevention, Making the Move vs.Aging in Place, Caregiver Solutions, Finances and Long-Term Care Basics, Overview of Messiah Lifeways.

    Coaching Workshops
    Messiah Lifeways Coaching offers interactive workshops throughout the year to help you plan for the future and deal with the challenges that many face in the aging process such as:

    Caregiver Solutions”

    “Making the Move vs. Aging  in Place” 

    “How to Have the Talk” with a loved reluctant to receive or accept care

    Plus other topics such as Medicare, Social Security and Retirement Funding