Speakers Bureau

The Messiah Lifeways Coach and a number of other Lifeways staff are available to speak on a variety of different topics. The Speakers Bureau is dedicated to community outreach and education and is available to speak to community groups, churches, civic groups, support groups and service organizations and is free of charge. For more information or to arrange for a speaker, please contact the Coaching Office at 717.591.7225 or email coach@messiahlifeways.org

Ken Beiler, NHA, CASP 

 Messiah Lifeways at Messiah Village Nursing Home Administrator

Topics: Culture Change ● Person Centered Community Minded Care

Jordan Bicher

Jordan Bicher, DPT 

Messiah Lifeways at Messiah Village Director of Rehab with RehabCare

 TopicsFall Prevention and Improve Balance ● Maintaining Independence with Adaptive Equipment ● Home Safety

Sharon B. Engle, MBA

Messiah Lifeways Vice President of Gift Development

Topics: Overview of Messiah Lifeways ● Volunteers and Gifts: the Importance to Your Organization

Matthew Gallardo, BASW, CCP

Messiah Lifeways Coach

Topics: Caregiver Solutions ● Making the Move versus Aging in Place ● Community Support Services and Enrichment Opportunities ● Messiah Lifeways Overview ●  Enrichment Opportunities and Second Acts ● Finding the Right Community/Resources for Your Loved One

Kristen  Heisey 

 Vice-President of Strategic Development & Marketing

Topics: Rebranding Aging – Ageless Marketing Trends ● Branding  Your Organization

Heidi Koch

Messiah Lifeways at Messiah Village Wellness Coordinator- Certified Personal Trainer plus Group Fitness, Older Adult Fitness and Longevity Wellness Specialist.

Topics: The Aging Process- the physical aspects of the aging process ● Why Should I Exercise- the importance of exercising after 55 ●  I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up- fall prevention ● Why Am I So Stressed- meditation and relaxation

Geli Losch

Angelica E. Losch

Director of Messiah Lifeways Connections

Topics: Aging in Place  ● Community Support Services


Karl Brummer

Karl Brummer

Vice- President  of Human Resources, Community Support & Life Enrichment

Topics: Human Resources & Employee Engagement, Workplace Culture,  Life Long Learning, n  Community Support Services