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Messiah Lifeways® Adult Day offers an enriching, uplifting experience outside of the home for loved ones who are unable to safely stay alone during the day. 

Adult Day team members are nursing and activity professionals trained in providing personal assistance, therapeutic programs, medication administration, CPR, and first aid. Learn more about our compassionate and caring Adult Day team members below!

Melissa Brandt

Melissa has been a team member with Messiah Lifeways Adult Day for four years. She loves how Adult Day has the “feel of family,” both within the clients and team members.  “Adult Day is an extended family in many ways, clients looking out for one another and the caring nature and immense compassion from team members for the clients and other team members,” she says. 

Melissa is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, a Certified Dementia Care Specialist, and is the Central Region Representative for Pennsylvania Adult Day Services Association (PADSA).

“Since graduating college, with a Bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation Management, and then as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, I have spent my whole career working with older adults, and over those years, I have developed a love and passion for working with clients on their dementia journey. There is so much to learn and share about dementia, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and also listening to others about their experience as a caregiver for those with dementia.”


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Tami Smith
Program Assistant

Tami has been a team member of Messiah Lifeways for 27 years with most of that time being spent in Adult Day. “I started as a CNA in Nursing Care, and soon after that I transferred to our Alzheimer’s neighborhood. It was there that I really began to feel that this work is a calling and that being a caregiver is where my heart truly is." 

“This work has such an impact on people’s lives, and I want to help make that a positive experience for clients and their families.”

Kim Engle
Activity Coordinator

Kim has been an Adult Day team member for over 20 years. Her favorite part about being part of the Adult Day team includes seeing clients participate in and benefit from programs, and working together with fellow team members and clients to have a supportive, caring, community. 

“Some of my favorite memories from Adult Day include seeing clients use their talents and gifts, such as showing concern for one another, painting, arranging flowers, praying, sharing memories and knowledge.”

Jasmine Chester
Program Assistant

Jasmine has been an Adult Day team member for 5 years. “My favorite memory from Adult Day was when a client had her son visit Adult Day and sing for all of us. Just seeing the joy that was on her face and the tears she cried, I will never forget.”

“I have a special love for the elderly. God has used the clients on so many occasions during my time working here to encourage me. Just listening to their life experiences and the wisdom they have, I often tell them that they still have a purpose. There is so much to learn from them if we just listen. It may not always be with words, but by their actions, even by their hugs and smiles.”

Denine McCardell
Program Assistant

Denine has been with the Adult Day team for 1 year. Her favorite memories of Adult Day include doing activities with clients such as the rubber duck races, nerf gun target practice, and enjoying the laughs from clients during bowling.


“My favorite part about being an Adult Day team member is being able to spend time with the clients and get to know them. I also enjoy the friendship I have with my coworkers.”

Janine Kelly
Program Assistant

Janine has been part of the Adult Day team for 2 years. Her favorite part about being an Adult Day team member is spending time with clients and listening to all of the wisdom they have to share. When asked what her favorite memory was, “Now, that’s a tough question! I have way too many wonderful memories to pick just one!”

 "I love working with and assisting our clients, getting to know them, and listening to all their wisdom and experiences that they have. It's a joy to be able to serve them."

Jenn Fadely
Program Assistant

Jenn has been an Adult Day team member for just under 2 months. "My favorite part about being an Adult Day team member is getting the chance to work with an amazing group of coworkers who work hard each day to enrich the experience of clients at Adult Day." Jenn previously worked in a memory care neighborhood in Nursing Care at Messiah Lifeways for 12 years. 

"I am excited for a new journey at Adult Day, and I am excited to share my joy with this wonderful group of clients. Every day is a new and exciting day, and I can't wait to be a part of their experience."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for the Messiah Lifeways Adult Day program? 


The rates are based on two levels of care. For more information and a full list of rates, please call the respective location or download the Adult Day Fact Sheet.


Does my loved one have to attend Adult Day services eight hours a day, five days a week?

No they do not but there is a minimum attendance of 2 days a week. This helps create structure and routine for your loved one.
How old must you be to attend Messiah Lifeways Adult Day?

Anyone age 60 and better is eligible to use the program.


Is there financial assistance available to pay for Adult Day services?


Yes. Financial assistance is available for those who may qualify. The County Agency on Aging and Community Services provides funding for those deemed eligible. The Messiah Lifeways Community Support Fund is another funding resource. For more information, please call the respective location.


Is there transportation available for Adult Day services? 


Yes. Please call for details on Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, and York counties transportation services.

Our Adult Day program in Cumberland County serves the entire Central PA region, including Dauphin county, Perry county, Northern York county, and parts of Adams and Franklin counties. Whether you live in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, or the surrounding area, we have adult day services that can enrich the life of your loved one. Contact us today for more information.

Mechanicsburg location: 717.790.8224



How do I enroll my loved one in the Adult Day program?


First, you should schedule an appointment to visit to learn more about the program. During your visit, team members can explain the enrollment process. To enroll, a care assessment must be performed by an Adult Day team member, and a medical evaluation form must be completed by a physician.


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