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At Home Testimonials

Hear what clients and family members from At Home Services have to say.
Peg Petschel

"Smiling faces came to my door, and they were willing to help me with anything I needed from emptying my dishwasher to helping me take my first shower after surgery. They even took the time to chat with me about my life and theirs."
- Peg Petschel, At Home client

Mary Coover

"The At Home caregivers were so patient and so focused on Bob's needs, and they were able to read his nonverbal cues. He was always happy and relaxed when I told him our friends from Messiah Lifeways were coming over. I will be forever grateful for the care and support we received from the At Home caregivers. They have touched our lives and our hearts in beautiful ways. They enriched Bob’s life and mine beyond measure."
- Mary Coover (Wife of At Home client)

"At Home Care provided the quality of life for her dad when his quality of life was diminishing. There were people who came in to clean and do laundry, and this became a great time for social interaction for her dad. At Home Care provided her dad the flexibility, independence, and social interaction that he needed."

"My experience with At Home has been very good. Our caregiver was prompt and experienced and knows how to apply her knowledge. The caregiver came here and established a relationship with my wife who has dementia. She goes out of her way to keep her engaged."

"I had surgery several months ago and I was told that I would still need help. They told me that all of the At Home caregivers who had worked with me before wanted to come back and help me out again. It was an amazing feeling."

"One particular caregiver became very close with her father, and a very good friend of the family. She became a granddaughter-figure to him. They still keep in touch with her."

"The caregivers are very lovely, competent and pleasant. They know what they are doing and I love that the same people are here and able to help me. They seem to be glad to be here. They talk and share with me. I get the feeling that they appreciate being able to help me, and I never feel like a burden on them. They are all very gracious. I have not one complaint. It has been a very good experience."


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