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Read about the innovative idea that inspired our Connections program.

Over the last decade, communities across the country have been developing a unique solution to the challenges of aging in place. The first started in Boston in a neighborhood called Beacon Hill. Neighbors got together and decided they wanted to form a group to help them stay in their homes as they aged. The group formed a non-profit membership group called Beacon Hill Village. The group hired staff and recruited volunteers to help members with household chores, grocery shopping, transportation, social activities, and more. Today, more than 140 of these community membership groups, sometimes called “Villages,” have formed across the country. Some are within a few blocks radius, while others span a county. Learn more about the movement at

The national movement started by Beacon Hill Village captured the attention of local older adults, community leaders, the Department of Aging, and Messiah Lifeways as a positive option for individuals who desire to live in their home and stay strong. Seven years ago, talks began about the need to bring this concept to the Greater Harrisburg Region. From the beginning, the group wanted to approach this differently. The desire was to gauge the community’s interest in developing a grassroots group who would champion this effort while leveraging the expertise and resources offered through Messiah Lifeways. Watch the video below to see how Connections is making a difference in the lives of members. 



Together We Can... from Messiah Lifeways on Vimeo.


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