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What is the benefit to becoming a Connections member, especially when I am active and healthy right now?

Members join for many reasons. They may want to connect with the community and trusted resources to stay healthy, happy, and strong in the home they love. A Connections membership allows you to be prepared for the unexpected and provides you with a safety net of support should you need it. Even for members who have current support systems that work well, whether that be through family support or their current residence, they have joined because they appreciate knowing that they have another support system, as well as an opportunity for meaningful interactions with others in their community.

What is the cost for a Connections membership?

Single memberships are $20 per month and $30 per month for a household membership. 

Do I have to live at a Messiah Lifeways community to belong to Connections?

No. Messiah Lifeways Connections is a community membership program that is available to adults 55 and better who reside in the Capital Region (Camp Hill, Lemoyne, Hershey, Carlisle, New Cumberland, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and more.) Residents of Messiah Lifeways communities are welcome to join as well.
I live on a fixed income and may not be able to afford the Connections membership fee. Does that mean I can’t join?

Membership assistance is available for Connections. If you know of someone or personally have a need in this area, please contact the Connections office by calling us at 717.591.7223.


How is Connections a partnership between the community and Messiah Lifeways?


Several years ago, talks began about the need to bring this concept to the Capital Region. From the beginning, people wanted to approach this differently. The desire was to gauge the community’s interest in developing a grassroots group that would champion this effort while leveraging the expertise and resources offered through Messiah Lifeways. This is a positive option for individuals who desire to live in their home and stay strong.


How does Connections screen vendors?


All approved vendors will be carefully screened using a process of reference checks, personal interviews, and specialized training. All members will have an opportunity to provide an evaluation of a vendor following their individual experience.


Can we call members and/or vendors without going through the Connections office? How do we know what skills members have to share with the group?


Initially, all Connections referrals will be made through the Connections Office, whether that is connecting you with a volunteer or a vendor. We want to be sure we have a clear understanding of what your needs are, as well as ensuring the process works smoothly. It is possible that information will be available via the members-only web portal in the future.

What input do Connections members have in making decisions?

There are several ways in which members can give their input, as we want to ensure that Connections is member driven. Members make up a Guiding Group that meets regularly, as well as several different committees that focus on key areas of Connections such as Volunteers, Vendors, Programs/Services, Membership/Marketing, Governance/Organization, and Fundraising. If you are a member and are interested in participating in one of these areas, please contact the Connections office.

Call 717.591.7223  


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