An Uncanny Feel

Submitted by David P. McBeth, 636 Messiah Circle

Presently Messiah Village has an uncanny similarity to over twenty years ago when my wife, Lois, and I chose to move at a younger age on October 25, 1998. By doing so we saved a second move, got to learn…”the ropes” and have met a lot of new and long-time friends. When we needed extra help it was readily available.

At that time there was no Willow Way neighborhood, Village Square Apartments or cottages along Oak Oval. Most existing cottages did not have closed in back porches, the wellness center was a small pool and an adjoining fitness room in the Village Center. Generally the Chapel was accessed by the “receptionist” entrance of the Village Center, Hopewell (personal care) and new nursing care neighborhoods were not even dreams.

At that time rather than now more people tried their hand at gardening. There was no big bus for tours, no one to initiate and plan a variety of activities on and off campus. The Pathways Institute [for Lifelong Learning] did not exist, but some were dreaming about the possibilities. Neighborhoods like Holly Heights and Hemlock Hill informally organized carry-in meals and picnics. Holly Heights and Hemlock Hill each had one of the units with four three-room cottages – living room, kitchen and bedroom.

So why is this so uncanny? A lot less traffic with fewer stop signs. It was up to you to plan ways to overcome your boredom. When you met someone on one of the few sidewalks on campus, you might stop to visit with no six-foot distance between you. We had fewer parking lots but you could usually find a spot as now with our many empty lots.

Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak we have been forced to rethink how we live our lives going forward. Some of what we are again experiencing we may want to continue. For now, let us carefully follow the guidelines our staff have set in place to help keep us healthy and strong. We are thankful for the risks they are personally taking in order to minister with Christ-like love.

March 27, 2020


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