Beating Parkinson’s with Rock Steady Boxing (Coach’s Corner episode 24)

Listen to a fascinating and encouraging conversation with Vince and Allyson, who are helping fight Parkinson’s Disease by leading Rock Steady Boxing classes right next door at the West Shore Academy of Martial Arts in Camp Hill. We’ve seen Messiah Village residents benefit significantly from this and are excited to share the resource with others.

Matthew J. Gallardo

Matthew J. Gallardo

Matt is the Director of Community Engagement and Coaching at Messiah Lifeways. He brings nearly 20 years of experience in counseling, advocating, and guiding older adults and caregivers through many of life’s tough decisions. His diverse background of working in hospital and rehabilitation settings, community services, and senior housing gives him the breadth and depth of knowledge to provide unique solutions, opportunities, and help individuals proactively plan for the future. He serves as the Lifeways Coach and as a writer, blogger, podcaster, and speaker for Messiah Lifeways, located in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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