Major Traffic Pattern Changes at Messiah Village

As we get closer to welcoming the first residents to move into Village Square this fall, several major changes will happen with our Mt. Allen entrances and parking around campus. On September 29, the old main entrance will be reopened to traffic and will bring visitors into the newly expanded Purple parking lot. This lot will be primarily for guests as door #1 will be the preferred entry point for the Village Center. This newly designed road coming into campus will be known as the Village Way entrance. On October 2, the temporary two-way “main” entrance and exit near Messiah Circle/Donegal will return to a one-way exit only. Please use extreme caution. Measures are being taken, including road signage, to advise drivers of the change in traffic patterns. You will also note new directional and way-finding signs being installed around October 2 in preparation for the new buildings and patterns.

Team member parking is being adjusted. The back row of the new Purple lot will be for team members with parking tags. The Yellow Lot near the chapel will transition from guest parking to team member parking on October 2. Please note that Wellness and U-GRO spots will remain designated near the Chapel. The Wellness spots will become guest parking spots early next year when the Center for Vitality & Wellness is fully operational.

Messiah Circle Reopens

On October 2, the portion of Messiah Circle that has been closed off during construction (under the Kibler Bridge) will reopen so a continuous driving loop will be restored. Please note, however, that access to the actual Village Square building is currently limited to incoming Village Square residents when they move in and the staff supporting them until November 8 when common spaces open. In the meantime, you can enjoy driving or walking under the Kibler Bridge!

Resident & Guest Services

The Village Center Resident & Guest Services (formerly known as the receptionist desk) will return to its original location near the Gift Development Office & Wagner Transitional Care.On September 29, residents and team members will need a FOB/badge to swipe at the Chapel doors. Guests can also use the Chapel stenophone system, between 7 am & 7 pm, to call the desk and request entry. After 7 pm, anyone without a FOB/badge will need to enter door #1 as the Resident & Guest Services


Enhanced Living (Personal Care) at Messiah Village

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab at Messiah Village