10 Years of Service group photo from March 2018.

Messiah Lifeways Celebrating Years of Service

(pictured above- 10 year honorees from 2018)

Messiah Lifeways® will be holding the 2019 annual Years of Service Celebration on February 28 at Messiah Village. We will be honoring 66 team members in 5 year increments ranging from 5 years to 40 years of service! The honorees, family, friends, residents, clients, team members and volunteers will enjoy a presentation and slideshow, an awards program and a reception afterward to celebrate this year’s group.

Team members celebrating 15 years or more had the opportunity to respond to a questionnaire about their time at Messiah Lifeways. Many of their answers will be shared during the award ceremony. One question of interest was, “What keeps you at Messiah Lifeways?” Here are just a few of the wonderful answers:

  • “I truly enjoy serving the residents. It is very good for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”
  • “Good leadership, great supervisors, good staffing. And, of course, the residents.”
  • “I have worked here so long that it feels like my second home. The residents and their families keep me here. It is a fulfilling job.”
  • “The mission, my work family, and those we serve.”
  • “It’s still the best place in the world to work!”
  • “There have been many opportunities for learning, growth and advancement over the years. I enjoy new challenges and hope my job will continue to offer that.”

Another question they answered was, “What do you enjoy most about working with residents and clients/older adults?” Some of the answers included:

  • “The wealth of the stories they can tell and the wisdom passed along.”
  • I enjoy being able to help them. If I can make a difference in their day by helping them… [it’s] all worth it.”
  • “When I feel like I’m making a difference in their lives and helping them to stay as active as possible.”
  • “I love their unique personalities and the challenge every day to successfully and lovingly care for them in a way that they can positively respond to.”
  • “I enjoy them, and they help me to have purpose and feel pride in myself.”

The longevity and job satisfaction of so many speaks volumes to the culture, commitment and compassion Messiah Lifeways has for its team members, residents and clients. The servant heart and the love and commitment to help older adults live a life embraced is not just a marketing slogan, but a true sense of who we are and those we are celebrating later this week.

Matthew J. Gallardo

Matthew J. Gallardo

Matt is the Director of Community Engagement and Coaching at Messiah Lifeways. He brings nearly 20 years of experience in counseling, advocating, and guiding older adults and caregivers through many of life’s tough decisions. His diverse background of working in hospital and rehabilitation settings, community services, and senior housing gives him the breadth and depth of knowledge to provide unique solutions, opportunities, and help individuals proactively plan for the future. He serves as the Lifeways Coach and as a writer, blogger, podcaster, and speaker for Messiah Lifeways, located in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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