Messiah Village Welcomes Back NHA

Crystal Stair -1702As we prepare to open the Greenwood and Engle neighborhoods later this year and press on with our nursing renovations and other strategic projects in nursing, we are pleased to have hired a permanent NHA to join our team. Crystal Stair, RN, NHA recently returned as the Nursing Home Administrator last month. If her name sounds familiar to you it is because Crystal was the NHA at Messiah Village from 2002-2010. After spending a few years away from campus serving two other communities, Crystal is pleased to be back at Messiah Village. We are delighted that she brings a deep familiarity with our campus, along with a breadth of knowledge and expertise. Moreover, Crystal is well-aligned with our mission and our values, and she appreciates our culture. Early in her career, Crystal spent years as a charge nurse at the Polyclinic Hospital. This hands-on clinical experience gives her a unique perspective as an administrator. When you see Crystal around campus, please offer your warmest welcome or, for some of you, a warm welcome back!

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