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Nonprofit nursing homes score better on providing care than for-profits in Pennsylvania | Opinion

It continues to be frustrating to Pennsylvania’s nonprofit nursing homes to see studies that broadly paint our care in such a negative light. A PennLive article on a recent report by Families for Better Care, which gave Pennsylvania nursing homes an F, ignored that Pennsylvania nonprofit operators continue to score well above their for-profit counterparts, according the federal government’s five-star rating system.

To help increase the quality of care, union representatives understandably are in favor of a minimum level of hours of care per resident, but their contention that all nursing homes are against this simply isn’t the case. In fact, we can certainly support a staffing requirement, but any requirement must come with an appropriate level of Medicaid funding for nursing homes. Without appropriate annual increases, nonprofits are looking at possible closures, selling to for-profit companies and eliminating Medicaid beds. [click here to read full article]

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