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Pathways is ready to Spring!

Senior Outings to MuseumsOver the past decade, the Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning® has offered older adults 55+ a bevy of interesting, informative and exciting lifelong learning courses, excursions, service projects and events. The Pathways Institute was established in 2006 as a collaborative effort by Messiah Lifeways, Messiah College, and the Brethren in Christ Church made available to seniors living in the Capital region. Then in 2008, it added a second location in Lancaster County based out of Landis Homes, doubling its reach and influence for those seeking additional enrichment and learning opportunities later in life. In that time, thousands of seniors have participated in hundreds of courses and excursions centered around:Basic Astronomy

  • history & culture
  • local history
  • current topics & discussions
  • literature nature & science
  • religion
  • music, film & fine arts
  • general interests & hobbies
  • wellness & personal development

Every spring and fall, kickoff events mark the beginning of the semester at both sites, where members can learn more about the instructors and classes they are offering for the new term. The depth and quality of instructors include retired college professors, teachers, historians, physicians and other professionals who simply enjoy volunteering their time to teach and enlighten others about topics and curricula they are passionate about. This 2016 spring semester is open and taking enrollment. Classes at both Messiah Lifeways and Landis Homes start March 1. Some of the upcoming courses and events include:Seniors Hiking Excursion

  • Canals and Canal Life in the Susquehanna River Basin Region
  • Popular Conspiracy Theories Part II – Secret Societies and Government Cover-ups
  • Strong Drinks and Heavenly Brews: A Short History of Beer, Wine, Coffee, and Tea
  • Excursion to Penn Square & Central Market
  • Underground Railroad Tour in Adams County
  • Hot Issues in the Middle East
  • Harrisburg’s Peregrine Falcons
  • The Torah
  • Let’s talk about Windows 10
  • Dinner with the Amish
  • Event: Susquehanna Folk Music Society Presents…

For the first time, several courses are also being offered for seniors living equidistant from Harrisburg and Lancaster at Mount Joy Country Homes. These courses include:

  • Memory Loss-Disease of the 21st Century
  • Aviation: Part I & II
  • Ascent From Adversity

So shake off the snow, think spring and get out there and get learning! If you would like to learn more about becoming a member or instructor of the Pathways Institute of Lifelong Learning® or you’d like to register for classes, please visit, call 717.591.7213 or email .



Matthew J. Gallardo

Matthew J. Gallardo

Matt is the Director of Community Engagement and Coaching at Messiah Lifeways. He brings nearly 20 years of experience in counseling, advocating, and guiding older adults and caregivers through many of life’s tough decisions. His diverse background of working in hospital and rehabilitation settings, community services, and senior housing gives him the breadth and depth of knowledge to provide unique solutions, opportunities, and help individuals proactively plan for the future. He serves as the Lifeways Coach and as a writer, blogger, podcaster, and speaker for Messiah Lifeways, located in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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