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In celebration of National Home Care Month this November, we are highlighting a few of our amazing Messiah Lifeways® At Home Caregivers. Join us in honoring these compassionate caregivers that play an invaluable role for clients as companions and friends. Learn a little more about them and why being a caregiver is so important to them. Thank you for all that you do!

Bev bussom 

Bev is a full-time mom, administrative assistant, and caregiver with Messiah Lifeways At Home. As soon as Bev read the job description she knew that her heart, personality, and giftedness would fit the role perfectly. She wanted to be able to “love people well, invest in others’ lives and show them how incredibly valued they are. Moving into people’s lives, hearing their stories and sharing in their joys and heartaches are at the top of my list of what I enjoy most about being a caregiver.”

She says At Home has consistently been flexible with her schedule, and she credits her supervisors, schedulers, and teammates with being supportive of all the hats she wears and encouraging her ministry in each position. “I could not do what I do without the unwavering, godly support of my immediate supervisor, Heidi Curry. She offers advice, listens well when I face a situation and stands in the gap on scheduling changes and emergencies.”

marissa hanks

Marissa is a graduate student pursuing a degree in Occupational therapy at  Messiah College and a caregiver with Messiah Lifeways At Home. Marissa says she joined the At Home team because she wanted a rewarding experience that would fit into her class schedule, and she felt that working with clients one-on-one would be a great learning experience for her future career. She also enjoys the flexibility in which At Home has provided her. “I can dictate the number of hours I work and make my own schedule based on my school workload and availability.” 

“My favorite part about working as a caregiver for At Home is the connections I make with clients. I love the time that I spend getting to know each person I work with, while providing them the extra help they need. There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with knowing that I can help to enhance an individual’s quality of life.”

tom baum

Tom is a retired computer specialist and caregiver with Messiah Lifeways At Home. He has been an At Home caregiver for 9 ½ years. When he’s not caring for clients, he is volunteering at his church in New Cumberland. He applied for a part time job with At Home because he wanted to help others and because his parents both lived at Messiah Lifeways at Messiah Village.

“It has been my privilege to enjoy the friendship with so many At Home clients over the years that I have come in contact with. It has been interesting to hear some of the stories they tell and the faith they have. I feel I have been blessed in hearing their stories and being able to give back to them a simple smile, listening ear, and at times, a word of encouragement.”

mandy moyer

Mandy Moyer is a full-time mom and caregiver with Messiah Lifeways At Home.She pursued a job with At Home because she was looking to make a difference in the lives of people but she also needed flexibility in her schedule. She says At Home has been great to work for and accommodating enough to allow her to work hours around her hectic schedule with two kids involved in many activities.

“If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, I believe that being a caregiver is truly fulfilling. Working with clients is rewarding in many ways, including watching a client improve and become more motivated, and providing support for those who need it most.” Mandy says that being a caregiver has given her a new perspective on life and that she tries to start her day with a reminder from one of her clients that “attitude is gratitude.”

kitzia coburn

Kitzia Coburn is a full-time mom and caregiver with Messiah Lifeways At Home.Kitzia pursued a caregiving job with At Home after she had visited a resident who lived on campus.“The residents and team members were so warm and welcoming when I visited that I decided to apply for a caregiving position.” Kitzia’s favorite part about being a caregiver is seeing clients smile - she says it makes her heart fill with joy. “I care for clients like they are my own family and encourage others to do the same, especially for those who don’t have family that live close by.”

Carolyn adams

Carolyn is a retired office supervisor who works part-time as a caregiver with Messiah Lifeways At Home. Her daughter encouraged her to apply for the position because she knew she would be great at working with clients. Carolyn’s words of encouragement for anyone considering becoming a caregiver, "be yourself and be caring of clients' needs. Treat clients as you would want to be treated." 

Heidi Curry, Lead Caregiver for At Home, says Carolyn has "the heart of a caregiver - and her love for her clients and work is evident in all she does – evident by the feedback she gets from clients and their families. She has a great sense of humor which helps her to deal with difficult and stressful situations that she encounters. Her welcoming and positive disposition is a wonderful asset! She is a significant contributor to our Home Care Team!"

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