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Become a CNA while working at Messiah Lifeways!

Are you working towards developing your nursing career and need some room to grow? Messiah Lifeways® creates opportunities for team members to further their education while earning a paycheck. 

Meet Georgeta

Georgeta started out as a part-time nursing assistant in personal care, quickly increased to full-time, and eagerly took on additional opportunities. Georgeta’s growth mindset led her to apply for a scholarship through the Messiah Lifeways CNA Education Assistance Program offered through Human Resources. She earned her certification in early 2019.

Georgeta is excited that she is now able to provide care to nursing residents and work closely with the nursing team to further her knowledge base and sharpen her skillset. “There are wonderful nurses who I’m always learning from,” Georgeta shared. “I admire their hard work and dedication to the residents. Working with them inspired me to consider nursing for my future career.”

In April 2019, Georgeta decided to return to school again, this time to become a Licensed Practicing Nurse (LPN). Once again, Georgeta found financial support through the Messiah Lifeways Educational Assistance Program (MLEAP). In addition to financial assistance, Georgeta was given freedom to adjust her hours and work part-time so she could attend classes during the day. Had this assistance and flexibility not been available, Georgeta would have had to take out more loans and work more hours outside of school to make ends meet.

“Take advantage of the assistance and further your education,” Georgeta offered as advice to anyone considering the program. “Don’t stay in one spot.” 

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