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Updated October 10, 2020

We have been notified today that another team member has tested positive for COVID-19. This individual works within the Campus Services department and last worked on Tuesday, October 6.  All those who have met exposure criteria have been contacted.  The PA Department of Health has been notified and we are currently working through next steps. This positive is unrelated to the case that developed earlier in the week. 


October 8, 2020

We were notified that a nursing care team member has tested positive for COVID-19. This individual last worked on October 7.  We have notified the PA Department of Health and are following their guidance. We have also already notified any other team members or residents who have met exposure criteria according to the PA Department of Health guidelines. The mitigation strategy will include quarantine and testing. The impacted neighborhood is now under quarantine and both residents and team members are being tested today. Thankfully no residents are currently showing symptoms, however we will be continually monitoring them for any changes.  Connection Booth visits and outdoor visits for residents in Enhanced Living and Nursing will continue with the exception of the quarantined neighborhood. 


Other Information Related to COVID-19

The combination of testing, social distancing restrictions, and quarantine is an effective mitigation strategy, and Messiah Lifeways continues to operate with due diligence and keeps the health and safety of residents and team members a top priority. 

Guidance has been issued by CMS and the Department of Health outlining an ongoing testing strategy in long-term care facilities. All team members who work at least once a week in nursing will now need to be tested on a regular basis; the frequency of testing is determined based on the rate of COVID-19 activity in the county. 

Messiah Lifeways has received and reviewed the updated compassionate care guidance issued by PA Department of Health on September 3, 2020. The guidance states that the facility, in this case Messiah Village, is to determine which residents qualify based on if they display at least two significant changes that can not be improved through other means. Our team will be reaching out to family members of those who qualify. Please contact your neighborhood case manager with any questions.

Everyone who enters Village Center must undergo a health and exposure risk screening at the entrance before proceeding. All employees must have participated in universal baseline testing for COVID-19.

Family members of Village Center residents may make contactless deliveries of essential groceries and supplies by dropping items off in the lobby. Family members in Village Commons and Village Square may continue to make grocery deliveries for their loved ones as long as all items are prepackaged. Groceries must be left inside the main entrance on the table, and can be picked up by the resident. We ask that you leave the main entrance promptly after the delivery to help reduce the risk of exposure.


We assure you that Messiah Lifeways continues to operate with due diligence and keep the health and safety of residents and team members a top priority.  We will continue to keep you updated with any additional important information as it becomes available. For more information and safety tips, visit


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