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Navigating life after retirement can be both exciting and challenging. Thankfully Messiah Lifeways offers coaching, guidance, and valuable resources for persons age 55 and better, their loved ones, caregivers, and the community. Our trusted and sage guidance is available throughout South Central Pennsylvania, and is a great asset for older adults, their adult children, power of attorneys, and spouses who are seeking opportunities and solutions during the journey of aging.

Presentations & Workshops

Messiah Lifeways offers interactive workshops and presentations open to the public to help plan for the future, explore topics of interest, and tackle challenges. Some topics include: caregiver wellness, making a move versus aging in place, talking with a loved about accepting help, as well as other areas like dementia, and end-of-life planning. Click here to view upcoming events.

Speakers Bureau

Messiah Lifeways offers a Speakers Bureau available to present on a variety of different aging, health and wellness, and enrichment topics. The Speakers Bureau is dedicated to community outreach and education and is available to speak to community groups, churches, civic groups, support groups, and service organizations. Click here to view topics and for scheduling.


Listen to The Caregivers Podcast (formerly Coach’s Corner Podcast) to hear about wide range of aging trends and topics, along with guest speakers covering topics like staying active and engaged, Medicare, Alzheimer’s disease, caregiving, and other areas of interest. Click here to listen and subscribe.


Read our latest blog articles and news stories on Messiah Lifeways and other articles of interest. Click here to visit the Messiah Lifeways blog page.

Other Guidance & Resources

Looking for more guidance and resources? Click here to check out other trusted and valuable resources.


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