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You are encouraged to give to an area that best matches your philanthropic interests and passions with the needs of our ministry.

Endowment Fund for Benevolent Care 

A gift to the Endowment Fund for Benevolent Care is a gift that honors the past while simultaneously supporting the future and the present. Established in 1939, the Endowment Fund was created to ensure that no Messiah resident would ever be asked to leave their home. When residents outlive their resources through no fault of their own, the Endowment Fund stands in the gap and covers the cost of lifelong care.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund are not spent in the year they are received. Rather, they are added to the principal of the endowment, currently valued at more than $18 million. Each year, the investment income is allocated to help offset the cost of compassionate benevolent care. Currently, more than $900,000 per year is generated by the Endowment Fund.

Current Support of Benevolent Care

Current-year gifts for Benevolent Care are utilized in the year they are received to help make up the difference between what Messiah Lifeways spends on Benevolent Care and what the Endowment Fund provides. These are vitally important gifts for our ministry because every dollar provided can immediately help offset the rising costs of Benevolent Care. Last year, Messiah Lifeways provided Benevolent Care totaling more than $3 million. The Endowment Fund provided $900,000 to help meet that cost; outright gifts help to make up the difference.

Direct Support for Adult Day Programs

As part of Messiah Lifeways Community Support Services, the Mechanicsburg and Carlisle Adult Day programs serve approximately 100 clients whose lives are truly enriched by attending Adult Day programming. Adult Day clients and their families never pay the full cost of attending Adult Day because we don’t want the program to be prohibitive for families who benefit from this service. Messiah Lifeways covers 20-50% of the cost of the Adult Day program, depending on the client’s individual circumstances. Gifts to this portion of our ministry directly enhance the lives of clients and their families by:

  • Providing friendship and companionship to older adults who otherwise might spend the day alone.
  • Offering stimulating and life enhancing activities that give clients purposeful and zestful ways to invest their time.
  • Giving family members and caregivers an affordable option to care for their loved one so that they can continue to work or receive much needed respite.

Mount Joy Country Homes – Good Samaritan Fund

The Good Samaritan Fund at Mount Joy Country Homes was established in 2016 to support benevolent care needs of residents who live at Mount Joy Country Homes. Should unexpected expenses or emergency situations arise, residents of Mount Joy Country Homes who need a helping hand may apply for assistance in covering their monthly fee.

Residents who have become limited in their financial resources need to apply for benevolent care support through an application process and be approved by the Messiah Lifeways CFO. Benevolent care beneficiaries receive assistance by paying a reduced monthly fee to Mount Joy Country Homes. Mount Joy County Homes then uses donated funds to subsidize the full monthly fee owed.

If approved for benevolent care, a resident’s guaranteed entrance fee refund will be used to satisfy the monthly fee obligation to MJCH, before the Good Samaritan Fund would support the benevolent need.

Special Projects & Wish List Items

Periodically, the Development Office undertakes fundraising campaigns for special capital projects. For instance, more than $2.3 million was committed in philanthropic support toward the recent Project Envision expansion.

In addition, each year, members of the Organizational Council submit requests for items to be funded from the Capital Budget. Given that there are limited funds available for renovations, equipment purchases, and other needs, some items are placed on a “Wish List” to be funded if donors step forward to provide the funds. To learn more about Wish List items, please contact Rachel Pease, Director of Development.


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