Retirement Options Coaching

Messiah Lifeways Coaching is pleased to announce a new service called Retirement Options Coaching. This new program is here to help retirees and those nearing retirement plan for the next phase of life by assessing, focusing, and guiding retirees through a Life Options Profile™.

The Life Options Profile™ concentrates on six key life arenas: Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finance and Insurance, Family and Relationships, Leisure and Social, and Personal Development.

Measuring the six areas will provide individuals with a personal, practical, and relevant self-portrait of one’s lifestyle or need for change. It also provides insights on transitioning from one’s current lifestyle to a new retirement lifestyle.

Call for a FREE 30 minute Retirement Options Coaching Consultation

Full Participation in the Retirement Options Coaching Program includes:

  • Life Options Profile™ (LOP) online evaluation and scoring 
  • Copy of the book “What Color is Your Retirement?”
  • Two 50 minute Coaching sessions, including interpretation of LOP results
  • “Powerful Questions” exercise and take home client exercises

Cost: $159 

To learn more about this valuable program or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Coaching office at 717.591.7225 or email


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Tue, Mar 6, 2018