Senior Life Coaching FAQs | Life Coaching for Seniors PA


Find answers to some frequently asked questions about our Life Coaching services.

How much does Messiah Lifeways Coaching cost?


All coaching services are free of charge with the exception of the Coaching Workshops, which generally charge a nominal registration fee.


Is Messiah Lifeways Coaching only for residents of Messiah Village?


No. Coaching services are not only available to residents of Messiah Village and clients and members of Messiah Lifeways; coaching services are here to serve the community at large, as well as fellow staff members, vendors, and professional contacts.


When and why was the Messiah Lifeways Coaching program created?


The program started in February 2012, and was designed to help older adults and their loved ones navigate the many different resources, options, and challenges people face during the journey of aging. Coaching serves as a great starting point, and offers ongoing guidance and advocacy for individuals looking to achieve a goal or desired outcome with problem-solving and action plans.


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