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The Cerise Day Spa offers a variety of spa treatments including massages, pedicures, and manicures, in addition to a full range of standard salon services. One prominent feature is a relaxation room featuring a beautiful salt wall. Small salt particles can soothe a number of respiratory and skin conditions - everything from eczema to colds, allergies and bronchitis.

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Serenity Room Salt Wall

There is something to be said for relaxing by the ocean and taking in the salty sea air. Cerise Day Spa is bringing the healthy benefits and relaxing vibe of the beach to each guest who enjoys the spa’s relaxation room and salt wall. Just 45 minutes in the relaxation room by the salt wall can equal the benefits of spending 3 days by the ocean. Salt levels in the body can affect blood sugar levels, cell activity and even energy level. Inhaling the fresh salt air can reduce stress levels, chronic headaches, and even asthma and other respiratory related illnesses. Here are some of the natural benefits...

Air Quality:

Himalayan Salt is known as the purest salt on earth, containing over 80 uncontaminated minerals and elements. The particles from the salt wall help to purify air without the risks of synthetic air purification methods. Salt therapy has been proven to relieve respiratory conditions such as asthma and seasonal allergies.  

Skin Health:

Salt therapy helps support the look and overall health of skin. While regular table salt can cause dehydration, purified salt is moisturizing and supports the skin’s water levels. It also helps reduce inflammation, clear blockages, and fight infection.

Calming and Detoxifying:

This natural disinfectant is great during flu season as it helps ward off toxins that aren’t welcome in the body. Its calming effects positively improve sleep patterns. 

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