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Messiah Lifeways At Home offers non-medical home care services to support you or your loved one. With services ranging from grocery shopping to companionship and caregiver respite, we’re here for you. For more information about At Home, call 717.790.8209. Read on to hear from clients of At Home.

Mary & Bob's At Home Story

About a year ago, Mary found herself needing some extra help managing her husband, Bob’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia diagnoses. Bob regularly attended Messiah Lifeways Adult Day for socialization and support but when that was no longer an option, Mary decided to call Messiah Lifeways At Home for additional support in their home. “It was really important to me that I cared for Bob in our home. This was his forever home, and At Home made that possible for us.”  Mary needed “another layer of support” since she was also the primary caregiver for her parents. “The At Home caregivers were so patient and so focused on Bob’s needs, and they were able to read his nonverbal cues. He was always happy and relaxed when I told him our friends from Messiah Lifeways were coming over.” 

Having that added layer of support from At Home was critical for Mary especially on the days that were really challenging. She found it comforting to know that Bob’s needs were taken care of and she felt supported as a caregiver. “The willingness of At Home to work with us to send the same caregivers was amazing. It meant the world to us because we got to know each other so well, and the caregivers worked so hard to learn what Bob liked and were respectful of Bob’s dignity.”

Finding time to take care of herself was not easy but it was important that she still maintained her social network with friends. “It is very important to me as a caregiver to go out and recharge. It made me a better wife, sister, mother, daughter. I was able to keep my life at a better balance with the help I received from At Home.” She was able to fully relax while she ran errands or spent time with her friends because she knew that the caregivers that were with Bob were so well-trained and that he was in the best of hands. 

“I will be forever grateful for the care and support we received from the At Home caregivers. They have touched our lives and our hearts in beautiful ways. They enriched Bob’s life and mine beyond measure.”

Peg's At Home Story

When Peg Petschel found out she was going to need surgery, she was worried about how she would get her day-to-day tasks done by herself. She knew she would need additional help, so her daughter suggested she call At Home. “Smiling faces came to my door, and they were willing to help me with anything I needed from emptying my dishwasher to helping me take my first shower after surgery. They even took the time to chat with me about my life and theirs.” This meant a lot to Peg since she had just recently moved from Michigan to Pennsylvania, and was missing the life and locale she knew so well including her friends and her late husband.

“The many helpers brought me help and hope and even some hilarity.” When Heidi Curry, At Home Manager, found out about Peg’s many trips to the Emergency Room for various medical issues, she decided to drop off some bubble wrap to Peg’s apartment with a sign to put on her scooter that read “Warning - Student Driver.” Peg and her friends found this hilarious and thankfully, she hasn’t been to the hospital since. It may have even worked as a good luck charm! 

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